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Slammed 2015 BMW X3 Guide

Drive inspiration from these slammed 2015 BMW X3 ideas

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Cold Air Intakes

Popularity 20%

Upgrading your car with a cold air intake can help your engine breathe easier, which will make it work more efficiently and save you money on gas. A cold air intake replaces your car's factory air box with a tube that brings in colder air from outside the vehicle. This colder air is denser than the hot air inside the engine compartment, so it contains more oxygen for the engine to burn.

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Lowering Kits

Popularity 15%

A lowering kit is a perfect way to change up the look of your car and show everyone who's boss. They are easy to install and come with everything you need to get the job done right. Plus, they're affordable so you can stay stylish on a budget. Moreover, a lowering kit can also improve your car's handling and performance, giving you the edge you need when racing down the street or outmaneuvering traffic.

Exterior Upgrades

Custom Mufflers

Popularity 17%

Many drivers neglect exhaust system modifications and often delay this upgrade for a later date, and in vain. Install a custom muffler on your car and you will get many benefits - a great engine sound, an eye-catching appearance of the vehicle, as well as improved fuel consumption, and a few extra horsepower.

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Popularity 44%

Making your vehicle more unique is cheaper than you can imagine! Decals are probably the most popular way to personalize your car. You can put stickers on your car anywhere from the hood to the trunk lid - and it will look amazing. And even if you're not satisfied with the result - just peel off the failed stickers and start again - until you are thrilled with the appearance of the car.

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Fender Flares

Popularity 23%

When tuning a car it is important to know the limits and not overdo it. Excessively huge wheels that protrude too much out of the wheel arches will not cause people to be so excited, but rather the opposite will be a cause of confusion and laughter. If you think the new wheels make your car look rather comical than aggressive, install fender flares. They will make your car look wider and more massive, which will make the overall look of the car more strict and gracious, and the big wheels will no longer be so conspicuous.

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Popularity 35%

Whether you want to customize your sports car or just want to enhance your everyday ride, custom rims are a great option in either case. They are a perfect addition to any vehicle, and will surely make it more attractive and unique.

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Popularity 73%

No matter how beautiful and expensive your rims are, without well-matched tires they will look ridiculous. If you've already started tuning your wheels, don't skimp and get yourself some nice, and practical tires. Not only will they nicely enhance the appearance of your car, but they will noticeably affect the dynamics and performance of the car.

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Wheel Adapters

Popularity 37%

You must agree that without fancy rims, even a car with tens of thousands of dollars invested in it looks gray and dull. But what should you do if the discs you really liked cannot be mounted on your car - the bolt pattern or offset are different? You don't have to give up on your dreams - buy wheel adapters. These items allow you to change the bolt pattern and even the number of bolts on which the disk is mounted. So you can install precisely the rim you like on your car.


Brake kits

Popularity 60%

It is undoubtedly pleasant when the car reaches 60 miles per hour in a few seconds and rushes forward, increasing your heart rate and causing unforgettable emotions. But don't let the adrenaline cloud your mind - your safety is still the first priority. To prevent your car's excessive speed from turning into a disaster - think about how to stop it beforehand. Install new brakes on your car - they will reduce the braking distance and increase your control over the car, and then you can keep it even at the most extreme speeds!

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Exterior modifications

Body Kits

Popularity 6%

You love your car, but its appearance already bores you? Well, that's easy enough to fix. The body kit allows you to noticeably transform your car. Front and rear bumpers, spoilers, and side cladding will allow you to change your car beyond recognition and make it stand out from the crowd.

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Sound Systems

Popularity 17%

Most car owners don't know that upgrading their sound system can give them a better driving experience. A good sound system can make all the difference while you're driving. It can help you stay focused on the road, and it can also provide a more enjoyable experience for you and your passengers.

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BMW X3 2015 Mods

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Should you get your 2015 BMW X3 slammed?

A transport that has really been dropped is one thing, and then there is a cars and truck that has been thoroughly slammed to the floor is somewhat a different matter. What do you know for sure about slammed 2015 BMW X3 upgrades? Let us take a look.

There are plenty of good reasons for you to slam the vehicle. Number one, it will most likely make the auto appearance far better. additionally, it will certainly develop the managing of the cars and truck. And the last but not least, it can make the vehicle quicker. Besides, your 2015 BMW X3 are going to have a far more predatory layout, which will certainly make it a trailblazer on the streets. A car owner should certainly likewise be mindful, that such an upgrade will definitely come at a toll.

But bear in mind, slammed cars have also some inherent risks. When you drive an car or truck that is as well lowered to the floor, you run the chance of maiming the suspension system, or perhaps the engine. Your best solution to not cause predicaments is to get your car maintained constantly and aside from that to be thorough anytime driving on uneven highways. Yet another plausible disadvantage that will definitely play the role in opposition to your 2015 BMW X3 to be slammed is that it is going to be harder to park.

If you still delay regarding whether it deserves it to slam your car or otherwise, take into account the manner in which you are going to really feel when driving it. If you take pleasure in sensing the blowing wind in your hair and even stealing glances from others, then proceed and waight no more, do it! Slammed cars and trucks are undoubtedly a terrific manner in which to stick out from the crowd.

So, to assist you figure out all the crucial info regarding slammed 2015 BMW X3, our group of car enthusiasts has conducted precise job. They browsed the Web night and day just to illustrate to you the best significant as well as helpful checklists on this page. So, you do n`t need to kill time to recognize the plan, actually follow us!


While driving a slammed BMW X3 avoid puddles at all costs. They may hide bumps from your view.

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